Affiliation and Ordination with the Communion of Anglican Churches (CAC)

We appreciate your interest in affiliation with the Communion of Anglican Churches. The following list provides those individuals and institutions that would be considered for possible affiliation:

Ordained Clergy under Apostolic Succession: Clergy already ordained in Apostolic Succession and in good standing with your current affiliation may be received into the CAC simply by transfer.

Clergy not ordained under Apostolic Succession: An initial interview will be taken to determine current educational and ministerial qualifications. Additionally, consent must be given for a background investigation to be completed. A letter from your current endorsing body (deacon board or elders for non-historical/independent denominations) indicating no current issues of an immoral or unethical nature exist.

Candidates for a Seminary Degree (MTS or MDiv): For currently enrolled students in seminary, an application can be completed and an interview accomplished to enter into a Postulant period coinciding with your studies. When contacting the CAC, please indicate your ministry emphasis area (missions, pastoral, etc.) in your contact e-mail - this will aid the CAC in getting you in touch with a bishop in the best position to assist you.

Lay Ministers/Second Career Callings: The CAC understands the value of experienced Lay Ministers and those who have been called to ministry as a second vocation. An initial interview will be taken to determine current educational and ministerial qualifications. In most cases, a canonical examination (open book, 4 weeks to complete) will be given to aid in developing a personalized continuing education program.

Congregations/Parishes desiring to affiliate: Situations and circumstances dictate the varying means available to receive whole congregations.

To affiliate with the CAC, please contact ++John L. Simons, PhD., OSA, OSG. at our Administrative Offices at for details. Once submitted, The appropriate Bishop in your area will contact you upon receipt of your request.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and if I can be of any further service, please do not hesitate to contact me by using the Contact Form on the website. 

My God continue to bless you and your ministry.

++John L. Simons, PhD., OSA
Moderator, Communion of Anglican Churches